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Please join us in 2020 for one of our upcoming events: 


1st Quarter 2020

February 10-13:  L-273 Managing Development Through the NFIP


February 27:  Download Newsletter Here

March 5:  TN NFIP Webinar – “LOMC Basics” with Tammy Hansen, FEMA Region IV

Download Webinar Presentation and Resource Links Here


2nd Quarter 2020

April:  Middle TN Regional Training ***Cancelled***

  Download Newsletter Here

May 18-21: 
L-284 Advanced Floodplain Management Concepts III, Knoxville, TN***Cancelled***

May 22:  East TN Regional Training, Knoxville ***Cancelled***

June 4:  TN NFIP Webinar - Substantial Damage Estimates – Why do we do them?

Mitigation Grants from a Local Perspective

Download Webinar Presentations (1) and (2a)  and (2b)

3rd Quarter 2020

July 14:  CTP Information Exchange:
2D Floodways - Proposed Revisions to FEMA Floodway Guidance
Registration and webinar details are available HERE

July 22-24: 
11th Annual Conference ***Cancelled for 2020 – Moved to August 2021***

Download Newsletter Here  

September 3: Flood Insurance & Variances” 
Download Webinar Presentation (1) and (2) and Resource Documents (3), (4), and (5)


4th Quarter 2020


October 1: Floodplain Management Basics Course (4hrs)
Registration Details to be provided in our August Newsletter


October 2: CFM Exam

December 3: TN NFIP Webinar– “LOMRs
Download Webinar Presentation HERE

December 4: TN AFPM One-Day Virtual Conference –VIRTUAL ***NEW***

Download conference presentations within our Document Library (located under the ‘Resources’ tab). In the Document Library, you will find a folder for ‘Conferences’ and a subfolder for each year which includes all currently available presentations.


11th Annual Conference!


August 11-13, 2021

Please click on the image below
for additional conference information


Our Mission

To promote and provide assistance for the responsible management of Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA) through education, cooperation and communication, thereby protecting the natural and beneficial functions of Tennessee's floodplains.

Our Purpose

  1. To promote public awareness of proper floodplain management;

  2. To promote the professional status of floodplain management and secure all benefits resulting there from;

  3. To enhance cooperation and exchange information between local, state and federal agencies and development entities, private organizations and individuals;

  4. To keep individuals concerned with proper floodplain management well informed through educational and professional seminars and to provide a method for dissemination of information, both general and technical;

  5. To inform concerned individuals of pending floodplain legislation and other related floodplain management matters; and

  6. To study and support legislation pertinent and necessary to the effective implementation of floodplain management regulations.